We provide Speedy, Efficient, Professional and Reliable solutions to assist and advise on relevant matters of Payroll and Legislation

The Services
We offer a “Standard Package” of service and optional “Additional Packages”.
The Standard Package assumes processes and procedures exist within an organisation in order to administer a payroll.

  Our Standard Package Includes:-
FREE Initial Consultation to agree Level of Service and Schedule of Work
Data transfer and input
Preparation and Process of Payroll i.e.
- Gross to net processing,
- Set-up and Maintenance of P11 calculations
- Calculation of all Statutory Requirements including:
- Student Loan Repayments
- Implementation of Attachment of Earnings, CSA payments etc
- Contribution / Benefit
- Pension
Production of all necessary paperwork:–
- Payslips
- Payroll Listings
- Control Accounts
- P45s
- Automatic Nominal Ledger Analysis, by department and/or total payroll, or customised to your own nominal codes
  Additional Packages
  The Additional Packages offer the flexibility to outsource further tasks that otherwise is required by in-house staff and systems. Our Consultant will discuss these options with you at the initial meeting.
New Company Start-up & Inland Revenue Registration
Completion of Year End Documentation – P35s, P14s, P60s
Reconciliation Of Year End Figures
Payments To Inland Revenue
Liaison With Outside Agencies,
Responding To Inland Revenue Queries Etc
Reconciliation of Figures after Processing
Contrition / Benefit
Company Car Scheme
Medical Insurance Scheme
Child Care Vouchers
Comprehensive Reporting including:
- Analysis & Deduction Reports
- Department Totals
- Hours Worked
- Customized Reports For Individual Clients
- Human Resources Liaison affecting Salaries
  Our Software Package includes:
Microsoft Office XP
Word, Excel, Outlook
SAGE Payroll Solutions v12
Norton System Works 2006
Norton Internet Security 2006
Getting Started