Terms & Conditions
MV Precision (MVP) acts as a book keeping payroll services provider on behalf of clients to its service. As a book keeping provider MVP is not
  a party to any employment arrangement entered into between a client and that client’s employees and is therefore not responsible for fulfilling any statutory obligation or making any payment required by statute that may arise as a consequence of the relationship between employer and employee.
All statuary returns administered by MVP will be based upon correct submission date as determined by the HM Revenue &
Current stated prices are for the advertised MVP book keeping payroll services provider, if a client requires additional
  services these are provided subject to the charge of the Additional Services as detailed.
MVP acts as a book keeping payroll services provider only and will accept no liability or accept any responsibility for a clients
  PAYE employer scheme V.A.T. or Corporation Tax to HM Revenue & Customs in relation to that scheme. MVP will charge a
  fee of £37.00 to cover administration costs each time the company receives on behalf of a client a Warning notice of Non-payment of Tax & NIC, V.A.T. and Corporation Tax from HM Revenue & Customs or a HM Revenue & Customs debt recovery notice.
A cost of living increase will be applied to all charges on 1st April each year.
All Contracts are subject to a 6 monthly review to ensure client/supplier satisfaction and correct working practices are being
  adhered to.
MVP clients are to provide full and accurate information concerning their company and staff. MVP will not be held responsible
  or bare any liability for any consequences that may arise as a result of any incorrect information presented by a client.
All MVP contracts will run for a minimum period of 12 months, normally the client will give 3 month’s notice of service
  termination, from the first week or month of records maintained on behalf of the client. Where a client joins MVP with retrospective records to be calculated and declared, MVP’s invoice will be backdated to the start of the period in question. Where the backdated period is more than twelve months duration, or backdated into a past tax year, additional service charges, will be required. Where a contract is cancelled outside of these timescales at our detailed hourly rate in order to close down the account with appropriate authorities.
Where a client requires additional services, these will be charged at the current additional services rates as stipulated. This
  does not include part rates thereof. MVP reserves the right to cancel the contract between itself and any client at any time by giving the client not less than three months notice in writing.
Payment of MVP Services is invoiced on 1st day of each month for the previous months payments. Payment terms to MVP
  are 14 days.
Non-payment by the net terms date of each invoice will result in the suspension of any book keeping payroll provider
  services being provided by MVP at that time. MVP will not accept any liability or bear any responsibility for any consequences arising from the suspension of the book keeping provider service.
MVP requires all alterations to book keeping to be received by the agreed deadline as detailed in the Statement of Work
  schedule. Any alterations received after the deadline will result in additional charges at an hourly rate of £60.00.
Where a client’s particular circumstances result in a significantly increased amount of work for MVP, subject to notification to
  the client MVP reserves the right to charge an additional fee (as per additional services) to cover such additional work.
Where MVP receive correspondence for a client from HM Revenue & Customs that does not relate to the service agreed,
  MVP will forward the correspondence onto the client at a cost of £10.00 to cover the cost of registered post and administration.
In the event of a dispute arising between a client and that client’s customer/supplier, MVP will act on the client’s instructions.
MVP will not bear any responsibility for HM Revenue & Customs and V.A.T. penalties or interest charges that may arise as a
  consequence of failure on a client’s part to make liability payments on due by dates as notified, or as a consequence of the client’s failure to make information available to MVP which would affect or delay the submission to HM Revenue & Customs of statutory returns by the relevant due dates.
MVP will not accept liability for overpayment or underpayment of Invoices incurred as result of an error in information
  provided by the client.
MVP will not bear any responsibility for HM Revenue & Customs penalties or interest charges which may arise as a result of
  arrangements existing prior to a client appointing MVP or for retrospective liability due, or the consequences of late filing a declaration of retrospective liability, where the client appointed MVP after the due date.
While MVP will make all reasonable efforts to make clients aware of the VAT, Self Assessment, Corporation Tax and other
  relevant contribution deadlines, MVP will not bear any responsibility for liabilities that may arise out of a client not acting upon the information provided by MVP.
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